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Brief introduction: Report of the global spread of China

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The Imperial Palace lipstick Shuabing
The Imperial Palace Shuabing staged lipstick palace fighting drama, "the the Imperial Palace" and "the Imperial Palace Taobao" who is really original
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Focus on the G20 Summit
Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Spain, Argentina and other countries and to attend the G20 Summit
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Chinese mine soldiers salute
The 27 year old soldier Du Fuguo lost his hands eyes in minesweeping, heartache
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Chen Yufan was arrested for drug abuse
Chen Yufan was arrested for drug abuse of methamphetamine and cannabis positive urine test
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The state constitution
Article five the state constitution day and National Legal Publicity Day
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The provisions of the eight 6th anniversary
6th anniversary implementation of the eight provisions: more than 200 thousand people have been party and government action
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Intelligent lock advertising insults bomb soldier cited outrage
The enterprise issued an apology, but users do not seem to buy it.
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Cold here
Freeze crying! The first winter trousers warning issued
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[home father and daughter subway station blackout, excuse me homework] late on December 2nd, Hubei Wuhan. For a power outage, a father with his daughter after the night, in the subway station through homework. That night, Wuhan station rushed cooling, then take them to the management area with tables and chairs. When the girl finished the homework is a 11 point night, and thanked the staff after leaving. []@ heart surging news
2018-12-06 10:00 from micro-blog people
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