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Brief introduction: Report of the global spread of Chinese

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May Day holiday 4 days
Happiness comes too suddenly! May even put 4 days off, you have to do?
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The 2019 national NPC and CPPCC
2019 of the NPC and CPPCC will open you are most concerned about what? What new look?
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NPC and CPPCC V observation, interpretation of your concern
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"Five star" homes
Nursing homes will have a "five star", how do you see?
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Folding screen.
The new air intelligent mobile phone?
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Recommended a ban on minors as a network anchor
The CPPCC National Youth sector recommended as soon as possible "minor Network Protection Ordinance"
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The pupils of poetry
The pupils of poetry, which song you love most?
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Personal credit report
Who does not stand, no letter of fashion industry
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[home father and daughter subway station blackout, excuse me homework] late on December 2nd, Hubei Wuhan. For a power outage, a father with his daughter after the night, in the subway station through homework. That night, Wuhan station rushed cooling, then take them to the management area with tables and chairs. When the girl finished the homework is a 11 point night, and thanked the staff after leaving. []@ heart surging news
2018-12-06 10:00 from micro-blog's
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