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Brief introduction: Report of the global spread of Chinese

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May Day holiday 4 days
Happiness comes too suddenly! May even put 4 days off, you have to do?
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The 2019 national NPC and CPPCC
2019 of the NPC and CPPCC will open you are most concerned about what? What new look?
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NPC and CPPCC V observation, interpretation of your concern
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"Five star" homes
Nursing homes will have a "five star", how do you see?
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Folding screen.
The new air intelligent mobile phone?
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Recommended a ban on minors as a network anchor
The CPPCC National Youth sector recommended as soon as possible "minor Network Protection Ordinance"
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The pupils of poetry
The pupils of poetry, which song you love most?
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Personal credit report
Who does not stand, no letter of fashion industry
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[there is room send a car with a dowry, can now pick up! The parents of the girl # sent a letter to the future in laws on a request #] "do the bride price, with a good dowry, to the real car, arranged banquets, gifts to children, the only requirement: can now pick up all the homework, help me, someone's wife who support!" The day before, parents for the future in laws write really parents reply oh ~ (Nanfang Daily)
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