Recently, some users found that male artist on the show if wearing earrings, they will be playing mosaic. Some netizens said, this is the man the way, the public figures have a positive impact on children. Some netizens expressed opposition, "why women can wear earrings can not only men, women can wear earrings?" "A decoration, personal freedom, overkill". Male artist programs do not wear earrings, do you agree?
Time: 2019-01-16 129 people involved
Li The man with a masculine identity Do not agree, a decoration. Li
Time: 2019-01-15 278 people involved in
Li Can rest is a good thing We are not realistic, difficult Li
Time: 2019-01-14 104 people involved in
Li Comply with the provisions of the penalty Rescue vehicles do not need to punish Li
Time: 2019-01-11 People in 104
Li Very cute very orderly The phenomenon of worrying Li
Time: 2019-01-10 181 people involved in
Li Strong support provisions Against the company affairs Li
Time: 2019-01-09 People in 182
Li There is nothing wrong with the building The building, unfavorable control Li
Time: 2019-01-08 183 people involved in
Li It is necessary to set up the concept of civilization. Not necessary, a waste of public resources Li
Time: 2019-01-07 75 people involved in
Li The explosion is good, also available No explosion, out of the ordinary Li
Time: 2019-01-03 247 people involved in
Li The child refused, known. This is not rejected, he is still a child Li
Time: 2019-01-02 157 people involved in
Li It is convenient to grab votes Shouldn't encourage new cattle Li
Time: 2018-12-29 279 people involved in
Li Has the burden of adult, independent No economic capacity, not the burden of independence Li
Time: 2018-12-28 136 people involved in
Li The invasion of privacy and discrimination Not tort, man as candidates when the contract obligations Li
Time: 2018-12-27 136 people involved in
Li To pay, to comply with the agreement Do not pay, not investment partnership Li

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