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Why do you believe China will be better?
What do you expect from China? Why do you believe China will be better?
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Asian civilizations dialogue Conference
Civilization is colorful because of communication, and civilization is enriched by mutual learning.
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Ieoh Ming Pei, a Chinese architect, died.
Known as "the last master of modern architecture"
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Liu Shiyu voluntarily surrendered
Liu Shiyu, deputy secretary of the supply and marketing cooperatives Party group, voluntarily surrendered on suspicion of violation of laws and regulations
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Sino US economic and trade negotiations
When did China succumb to threats? Extreme pressure is useless.
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Fitness for the elderly
From "can save the province" to "spend money for sports to health", more and more elderly people are putting on the fitness row.
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Research progress of "college entrance examination immigrants" in Shenzhen
There are 32 candidates belonging to the "college entrance examination immigrants". They are deceit and get the qualification of Guangdong province.
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Strong altar is young
Power Forum 20 years old! I would like to invite you to tell me the story of "I and Qiang Tan".
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It's about you! The policy of employment and entrepreneurship is coming. 5, the State Council issued a number of opinions on promoting employment. (1) eligible individuals and small and micro enterprises can apply for the highest and no more than 150 thousand and 3 million business guarantee loans respectively. Second, support the employment pressure areas for unemployed people to start their own businesses free of charge; third, expand the scope of employment probation allowance to 16 to 24 years old unemployed youth. It's about you and me.
2018-12-06 10:02 from micro-blog.
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